How to benefit from the standing forest and flowing rivers

and effectively conserve biodiversity

in three steps:

1. Sustainable bio-industries, transforming
the biological richness of the Amazon into economic wealth,

that will benefit local communities and the region.

2. Creating conservation units protect natural resources
and preserve rich in biodiversity environment.

3. Sustainable way of settlement in form of

Circular Cities Network, contemporary forest communities,

integrating nature and technology - traditional wisdom and new science.

Network of interconnected Circular Cities is the solution

to the 21st century biggest challenges.




What makes the Earth so unique?

Amazon reinforest is a result of 3,6 billion years of evolution.

It is full of mysteries and has answers to questions that haven't yet been asked.

The greatest wealth on Earth is not money, gold or fossil fuel but the biodiversity.

It makes our Home so unique and differentiates

from billions of empty planets hanging in the cold vacuum of cosmos.

The genetic heritage expressed in planet's biodiversity makes from Amazonia

the most precious treasure in the whole Galaxy.


The forest standing is worth much more than cut for wood,

cattle pasture, mono culture farming or even mining.

How can we all benefit

from biodiversity?

This is the game changer for the Amazon and it's people.

They are concrete ways for transforming the biological richness of the Amazon into economic wealth,

locally anchored, with social benefits for communities and sustainable mechanisms for conservation of the forest.

The Amazon Third Way Initiative (A3W), Amazon 4.0

it is a new opportunity to protect the Amazon and its communities by harnessing the

physical, digital and biological technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A strong local economy, based on forest products, is a strong argument

for local stakeholders to maintain and demand to keep the forest standing and rivers flowing.

Harnessing biodiversity potential

By investigating the infinite forest resources scientists can build genetic database

of the Amazon species and find practical application to benefit humanity.

New generation of rainforest business professionals will emerge.

(Link: Acai case: how one berry turned into business worth 20 billion dollars)




Solution to stop fires, deforestation and

efficiently protect the Amazon Forest.

Fires in the forests are part of the natural process. But with growing deforestation

the temperature is rising and fires are happening with much higher frequency.

Deforestation in Amazon has risen by 26% comparing to the previous year.

To stop deforestation in the Amazon it is not enough to just create more preserved areas.

Data clearly shows that in the Conservation Units level of deforestation is 34%

- the second highest after the private areas: 53%.

Indigenous lands not surprisingly suffered the less- only 1% of lost forest in the last year.

Data: Boletim do Desmatamento da Amazônia Legal (maio 2019) SAD

It means that the best guardians of the land

are the people living in the particular area.

Circular Cities Network -

new settlement model in the Amazon.

Along with the creation of Conservation Units must go together

organization of the forest resources based communities,

that will be transforming the biological richness of the Amazon into economic wealth

and apply sustainable mechanisms to preserve the environment.

By merging ancient wisdom with modern science we can live in harmony

with natural environment, learning, practicing, redesigning and exchanging information,

preserving universal values and culture.

Circular City form of settlement is the highly efficient, modern community model

and the optimal vehicle to assist human evolution and conserve Earth's biodiversity.

Link: Learn more about Circular City




Brak postów.
Brak postów.

Your contribution will help to preserve life on Earth

and accelerate the process of transformation

into infinite forest resources economy.

By living sustainably and in harmony with these

forest ecosystems, they will continue to provide

valuable resources and services for generations to come.



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