About us

We are daydreamers and visionaries, who are curious about the world, open for new knowledge and wisdom, ready for changing the way of thinking, responsible, respecting other people, their culture and space. We co-design and co-create the most efficient modern community model to assist human evolution and conserve Earth's biodiversity and on individual level we are accelerating deep transformation and unleashing inner potencial.

We believe, that from exchange of knowledge and our collaboration depends global peace and prosperity for all and for future generations.


COORDINATOR: Zbigniew Kozak

Born in Poland, since 20 years is living abroad. Traveler and polyglot, speaks 6 languages. Was study in Germany and has a Master degree in Physiotherapy. Lived in New York, Dubai, Barcelona and last 10 years travels between Europe and South America. Working as a luxury real estate agent, did first module of MBA in Real Estate Projects Development. Seven years spent in Brazil and since 3 years goes to Amazon, visiting forest communities.

Since an early age fascinated by indigenous people way of living, knowing it only from the books and movies now is living his dream by studying their culture, participating in ceremonies and supporting sustainable development. Is pleased and honored to share this knowledge with other seekers.

Living in big cities he has realized many "imperfections" in the occidental way of thinking, that actually indigenous-like approach could solve. His proposal is to instead of exploring natural resources and polluting the Earth - merge the traditional way of living with achievements of western science and using the modern technology make possible living in harmony with environment helping our specie not only to survive but to flourish and unfold fully its creative potencial.

The Amazon is the ground where two civilizations and two extremely different realities meet and it is unique opportunity to learn one from another, exchanging knowledge and experience creating solution to 21 century challenges.

The Circular City is a proposal to be adopted to local conditions and population. This kind of sustainable development will allow us to build cities on deserts, on the ocean surface and in the near future under water and to go into space.

Your contribution will help to preserve life on Earth

and accelerate the process of transformation

into infinite forest resources economy.

By living sustainably and in harmony with these

forest ecosystems, they will continue to provide

valuable resources and services for generations to come.



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To stabilize the global climate means to conserve and restore Amazon rainforest.