Acai case: how traditional berry turned into business worth 20 billion dollars

Açaí berry is just an example of Amazon biodiversity potential. There are thousands of species that can benefit humanity with millions of different types of products for multiple industries like: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, production of handicrafts or dental industry to mention just few.

Açaí berry. Photo by Z. Kozak

Açaí was introduced to markets in the 1980s, and has grown rapidly. The global Açaí berry market is projected to reach 20 billion USD by 2025. Açaí can be vastly more profitable - than cattle, soy, or other agriculture and non-destructive to the Amazon.

Net Profitability from production in the Amazon Para State:

$ 2.000 per hectare per year- Açaí (managed plantation)
$ 200 per hectare per year- Açaí (unmanaged)

$ 200 per ha/25-30 years - Logging (80% is illegal)
$ 150 per hectare per year - Soy 
$ 70 per hectare per year - Cattle


 Harvesting the berry from açaí tree. Photo by Z. Kozak

 Traditional preparation of the brew from açaí berry. Photo by Z. Kozak

 Traditional preparation of the brew from açaí berry. Photo by Z. Kozak

Production of handicrafts from the açaí berry. Photo by Z. Kozak

Excellent article by the Carlos A. Nobre, a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, 
a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences, and Senior Fellow of WRI Brasil 
- follow the link: 

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