The Amazon Third Way Initiative

Introduction to The Amazon Third Way/ Amazonia 4.0.

"A new opportunity is emerging to protect the Amazon and the indigenous people who are its custodians by harnessing the physical, digital and biological technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). How would this work?

Forests in the Amazon are the result of millions of years of evolution. Nature has developed a wide variety of biological assets which include metabolic pathways and genes of life on land and aquatic ecosystems and the natural products they produce – both chemical and material. These were developed in conjunction with biomimetic assets - the functions and processes used by nature. 4IR technologies are increasingly harnessing these assets across many industries from pharmaceutical to energy, food, cosmetics, materials and mobility, and making profits. However, to date, these profits have not been channeled back to conserve the Amazon and to support indigenous and traditional communities that are the guardians of Nature.

The Amazon Third Way/Amazonia 4.0 aims at unleashing a novel opportunity emerging to protect the Amazon ecosystems and the indigenous and traditional peoples and at the same time develop a vibrant, socially-inclusive ‘green economy’ in the Amazon by harnessing Nature’s value through the physical, digital and biological technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, resulting in a socially-inclusive, ‘standing forest, flowing river’ new development paradigm."


Two key complementary capacity development programs: 
the ‘Amazon Creative Labs’ (ACL) and 
the ‘Rainforest Business School’ (RBS).

"Rainforest Business School will train and shape a new, first generation of rainforest business professionals, able to grow a sustainable, competitive rainforest economy in standing forest environments, and to enable local communities to increase their incomes by way of value-added processes and business reach."

"The Amazon Creative Labs (ACL) for biodiversity value chains were designed to ignite locally based productive processes on an adequate economic scale, based on the processing of raw materials from Amazonian biodiversity. The main premise is that local communities themselves run the major cycles of value chains of biodiversity products, in activities ranging from harvesting inputs in the forest to the finished product ready for export and consumption."

To explore this enormous potential and find possible applications of biodiversity in our lives through different industries has been created Amazon Creative Lab for Sequencing Genomes of Amazon Biodiversity.

1. Cupulate from Cupuaçu ACL. "One product of Amazon plant diversity with great potential to anchor an ACL Cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum)—a close relative to cocoa (Theobroma cacao)—whose pulp is being increasingly used in the food and juice industry as well as its seeds to produce a chocolate-like product, named ‘Cupulate’. In comparison to chocolate, Cupulate has interesting properties, namely, it does not contain caffeine and theobromine (Martini and Tavares, 2005), considered allergenic substances (Sampson, 1999), and its proteins present considerable nutritional potential, since they have higher nutritional value and amino acid composition than cocoa (Santos Lopes et al.,2008). An example of ACL for productive chains is themed after nutraceutical Cupulate, a chocolate made from the seeds of Cupuaçu fruit, typical of the Amazon, with indistinguishable taste and appearance from traditional cocoa chocolate, which presents nutritional advantages.[...]

It could be produced in remote locations in the Amazon creating jobs compatible with a standing forest bio-economy.[...] Cupulate ACL will demonstrate the making of Cupulate from harvesting Cupuaçu fruits to packaging fine Amazon branded chocolate and shipping it."

2. The ACL for Brazil Nuts "aims to improve the utilization of natural inputs in the region where the seeds are harvested. To increase productivity, the ACL will address the well-developed concepts of good practices for extractivism and/or agroforestry systems. To increase the economic importance of Brazil Nuts to local communities, the ACLwill carry out complete cycles of value aggregation from the Brazil Nuts extracted from the forest or planted in an agroforestry system. Finally, the ACL will deal with the phytosanitary and nutritional aspects of Brazil Nuts, which are key to trade in the product and provision of more elaborate uses. At all stages, the ACL will integrate technological resources to traditional practices that will allow and facilitate the adoption of good production practices as well as the local processing for the production of complex products with high added-value."

ACLs for other Amazon species are being under development.

3. The ACL for Sequencing Genomes of Amazon Biodiversity.
Considering that each of native species has multiple applications in different industries and there are uncounted number of species in the tropical forests, many still waiting to be discovered, and the fact that the forest is a living organism, evolving in the real time, means the potential for exploration of it's resources and possibility to turn into bio industries is infinite!

To explore this enormous potential and find possible applications of biodiversity in our lives through different industries has been created Amazon Creative Lab for Sequencing Genomes of Amazon Biodiversity.

"Genome sequencing cost has been declining rapidly and there are commercially available portable genome sequencers at affordable prices. [...] The Amazon Creative Labs directed to genome sequencing rely on taking to the field a number of portable sequencers, with the primary goal of providing capacity development and training on how to carry out sample preparation and the sequencing. The target audience are forest communities across the Amazon. It will equally train local populations on how to register the genome on a block chain type of public registry system being developed by the Amazonia Third Way Initiative (the Amazonia Bank of Codes).[...]

Local communities are meant to have a reasonable understanding of the meaning of the code of life. It means taking participants in the ACL activities on a journey through the broader and more accurate definition of life and how it aggregates itself into ecosystems that result in the Amazonian mega biodiversity."

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